Thursday, June 15, 2006

Update time

The SHOP has been updated!

Just a little tip - if you sign up for the newsletter you get first dibs - they have a 1/2 hour run before I update it to the blog!

Ohh FO's tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm pleased to introduce...

The newest member to my spinning family - Geraldine, the Pat Green Fancicard!

I ordered the carder about 2 months ago and late last week it finally arrived - This is an amazing machine! It's quiet and fast and with one pass the fiber is lovely. I love that it's motorized and I can use both hands to feed the fiber, I don't need to change drums, and with a quick band change I can change the speed. It also came with a number of tools.

Here we have a burnishing brush (the large one), a felting brush, a doffer stick (the pointy metal one) and two wooden dowels - one of which has a plastic sheet attached to help in removing fine batts. The tools are just as well made as the machine itself.

Of course I got right to work - here are my very first batts:

From left to right: Merino/Silk, Merino/Firestar sparkle, Merino/Icicle Sparkle (if you view the larger pic you can see the sparkle better) - I am going to be having soooo much fun doing this! I started spinning up the middle batt (I actually have a few batts in that colorway) and you'll be seeing the results soon. If you have never spun from a batt before, you really need to try it. The batt is so fluffy and the sparkle is nicely integrated, drafting is a breeze. It's so easy to get either a thick or fine single....can you tell I'm in love?

Monday, June 05, 2006

Vacation's over

Well I'm back home - I've been back for a bit now, but I'm still trying to get used to's never easy! You should see the piles of stuff on my desk.

We had a really fun time in Amsterdam even though we battled with the rain, and poor E had her own battle with a particularly nasty bit of salmon.

ok ready for some pictures - they aren't the best since it was pretty grey out most of the time.
Here is the top of the palace at Dam Square.

This picture, to me, really represents Amsterdam - Canals, canal houses, and lots and lots of bikes!

I couldn't pass up the smoking Alien...he wasn't about to share!

This is the ferry that E and I took every day. Our hotel was located in the Noord neighborhood - it was very nice but it was a 15min walk to the ferry, although once off of the ferry we were right at central station. Luckily the hotel offered either a ride to the ferry or on certain days a ride right into the city proper.

Anne Frank statue - if you go to Amsterdam you MUST visit the Anne Frank house.

The Atomaton in Brussels -built for the 1958 worlds fair....very cool. I'm ready for another vacation - a vacation from my vacation - maybe mexico...laying on the beach drinking frosted margaritas!

I have a ton of photos but I can't seem to upload anymore - stupid blogger!

I also have finished objects...are you amazed? shocked? so am i! I'll get them up soon.

Also, thank you to everyone who has commented on the last few posts - not only have I been crazy with the trip, work, and then my performance - but I haven't been getting my email posts - so thank you - I'm trying to get back to all of you soon -= I just want to let you know I appreciate it.