Thursday, December 20, 2007


I'm having an end of year sale at the STORE I'm offfering 20% off all yarn - I need to clear out for more yarn coming in January.

If you order by the 21st I'll be mailing them out right away - after that they will be mailed out on the 27th.



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Socks on Blocks

My socks are done! I finished them on Sunday and I think I worked on each sock maybe 4 days of subway knitting each. They flew off the needles.

Here they are on my new fabulous sock blockers given to me by Veronique at the Spider Christmas party this weekend - I'm in love with them and the cute little fat cat carved out of them.

Here is a shot of the naked sock blockers:

I"ll have the pattern up as soon as it's tested - it's for my soon to be released 3 ply sock yarn - Soft Spun Plus.

I have started knitting on a long time WIP which hopefully will be a FO tonight - Pics to come soon of super cool knee highs.

Here are a few bits of eye candy - I woke up really early a few days last week and I caught the sunrise -I love the sunrise it's so peaceful, I had to take pics.

While I was taking pics of the sunrise this is what Gary was doing:

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Excuse me ....I felted

Well I tried to anyway - about a month ago I bought some felting supplies at Brooklyn General
to try my hand at felting (yeah like I NEED a new hobby) Well this was my sad little attempt:

some funky swirls and dots - after a little while I realized this hobby isn't for me, but Court picked up the needle and some funky wool I had laying around and look at this:



She's a friggin natural! She didn't even look online for tutorials or anything - just went right at it - I'm impressed. The baby dragon isn't finished yet - I can't wait to see it all done.

Speaking of finished - woo hoo the Twisted Tweed socks are done. Well they've been done for a while now hence the fuzzies on the sock from wearing them all over the house.

Project Stats:

Pattern: Twisted Tweed - I did them toe up and only knit the pattern on the leg.

Yarn: Trekking XXL

Started: September 25, 2007

Finished: November 16, 2007

Here we go - my list of WIP's

1. Log Cabin baby blanket - as with all log cabins it just keeps going and going. I love it though and it is the best TV knitting...knit, knit, knit

2. Mitered square baby blanket - a long time ago I bought up a ton of GGH aspen at 2 bucks a ball - I decided it would make the most squishy fun baby blanket. so here I am cranking out squares - again good tv knitting.

3. New sock - My own pattern and my new 3 ply sock yarn. Umm I don't want to toot my own horn but umm...I really love this yarn. I'm knitting this sock up on 3.25 mm needles - I started on Tuesday morning and I'll be done tonight with the first sock. I'll be writing the pattern up while I knit the second sock. Hopefully making the PDF will go as fast - although unlikely!

3. Spinning - yup it's been a LONG while since I've posted any spinning around here. I'm spinning up some BFL/Merino which will stripe pink and rainbow. I'm not sure if I want to keep this as singles or ply it with a little BLING - i miss the bling - it's been a while!

Ok, these silk paintings were not done by me - but the person who did do them doesn't think they are any good - can you please let her know she is crazy! I think they are lovely and she should continue to play with the medium and create, cause not only are they already beautiful but I can see how much more potential she has. The first two were inspired by cave paintings, and the last one by a picture of an art quilt.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Well I have a lot to show you'll have to wait till Monday I'm just too busy with all the cooking and baking to show you the FO's, WIP's and new crafts...

In the meantime, I am having a Thanksgiving sale at the STORE - all yarn is 10% off - I need to make room for new stuff. I've got a brand new 3 ply squishy sock yarn that I'm just dye-ing to show you!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Breaking News...

In an amazing act of solidarity, all 4 cats conspired to take over the entire bed. They demanded tuna in abundance and many kilos of cat nip before they would return the bed to their human caretakers. Fortunately strife within their ranks, in the form of Gina trying to eat Doug's tail, forced them to back down and they settled for control over the other 95% of the apartment.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program - Attack of The 50 ft Ball of Yarn....ahhhhhhhh

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Store Update

Just a quick post to let you know that the STORE has been updated - go take a looksie and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Being productive

I've been on a knitting roll. I finished one of the Twisted Tweed Socks and am working away on the 2nd one. The only thing that is slowing my progress is I finally got the log cabin itch. I found out a friend of mine was pregnant and is having a boy so I figured it was the perfect time to knit my first baby blanket.

I started late Monday night and here is the progress so far:

and an artsy side shot:

I'm really enjoying the flow of this blanket. It's not quite a log cabin - maybe I should call it log cabin inspired. I didn't plan out the color repeats or how many rows of each to do, I am just grabbing yarn and knitting till it feels right. So far so good I think.

I've also finished a pair of arm warmers for Court - here she is when I rudely, I mean lovingly, woke her up and said I wanted a shot of the arm warmers. I put them on her, let her hide, and snapped this shot - I LOVE this shot hehee.

These were knit out of baby alpaca I spun up ages ago. No pattern, just a tube with a hole on the side for the thumb and some k2p2 rib on the top and bottom. If you look close you'll see I embroidered (not very neatly) an L for left and an R for right. Although they are knit so as to be interchangeable, were knit with the same yarn, the same amount of stitches and within about an hour of each other, the fit is different for each arm so Court asked that a designation be made for ease of use. I gladly obliged.

I did go to Rhinebeck but amazingly I didn't buy any fiber or yarn - can you believe that? I figure I recently got in an order of 450 lbs of yarn and I should probably lay off the fiber and yarn ordering for a bit :). I did score some Phenomenal Fudge this stuff is heavenly, some chocolate covered pretzels, honey sticks, a candy and caramel apple, and a large bag of kettle corn. By the way - not all of this was for me - just so you know hehee. I met up with some of the Spiders and we had a greasy, but yummy, lunch - I really wanted the artichokes but alas, the line was too long and I was too hungry. Cathy brought with her one of her cube bags that I ADORE. She emailed me and said she knew I would love this fabric and she was oh so right. It's perfect - if you have been reading this here blog for a bit you'll know why...

SWIRLS GALORE!!! I love it - thank you Cathy.

I also ran into Michelle, owner of The Sweet Sheep who came all the way down from Canada wearing her lovely Mr. Green Jeans Sweater. And of course, I couldn't leave without Chilling with Mama-E for a bit. It was a warm day but she was rocking her Fugl sweater - let me tell you it is so pretty. She also brought me a gift - check out this lovely BFL roving -

I can't wait to spin it up. I think Mama-E is going to have a package delivered to her soon :)

I'll leave you with a picture of Gary - my "special" boy. He was percolating before birth WAY too long. As a result he tends to run into walls, isn't the most coordinated, and I think might possible have narcolepsy (he'll walk around, stop and just plop down and sleep anywhere). Oh but I love him and his giant ears.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Rhinebeck Here I come

Well I'm off to Rhinebeck - I'm making a weekend of it Sheep and Wool on Saturday and hiking on Sunday.

I'd love to meet some fellow bloggers up there - old and new friends, lurkers, customers, etc...

Here is a picture of me wearing the same scarf I'll be wearing tomorrow.

Please say hello if you see me! I'm also a square in Blogger Bingo for Saturday only. I hope you meet lots of people....see you there!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Bring on Socktoberfest

I'm ready for you Socktober! I've already got one pair of socks done and another on the way. Court's ribbed socks are finished and I love the way they came out.

Project Stats:
Pattern: my own - just a toe up sock with a short row heel and a nice and tall 2x2 ribbed leg. Knit on size 3US 56 st.
Yarn: Magic Garden Buttons yarn - 83% NZ wool, 17% polyester. 134 yards/50g ball. Machine washable. I used 2 full balls of blue and one of yellow.
Started: September 21, 2007
Finished: October 4, 2007

My next pair of socks are already underway - Twisted Tweed Socks.

I really like this stitch pattern it looks more complicated than it is and I think it will actually stay up on my leg. I'm already planning on knitting another pair of these and this time I might even knit the stitch pattern down the sock.

A while back, my mom asked - no wait - demanded a pair of socks. After holding her off for a while I finally finished her socks and gave them to her a few months ago. These are baby cashmerino so they are super soft but not the most durable of socks.

She told me she was going to use them as house socks so I figured a cashmere blend yarn wouldn't be too bad on pergo floors. Apparently I was wrong - take a look at moms new...umm mittens?

If you look closely you'll see she wore 3 holes in her house socks. each one had a hole in the heel and one where the ball of the foot is. Apparently she didn't just wear them in the house but she told me she "might" have walked outside on the concrete and stone pavers. Not to mention I have a feeling she threw these in the washing machine quite frequently. Not to worry mom - I've already got another pair in mind for you - and this time I'm adding either a slipped stitch heel and toe or maybe even making the whole bottom of the foot in Eye of Partridge. Eventually I'm sure they too will wear out but hopefully it will take longer than a few months!

Hey here are some kitty pics - these are the two new guys - Divino and Douglass. They are so friggin sweet and amazingly all 4 cats get along rather well. I'm waiting for the day they all are sleeping close enough to get a group sweet will that be?!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New and Improved

Forget about same ol' same ol', I've got some new stuff going on!

Check out the new layout of the blog - much better right? Easier to read and much more personalized. Finally after 2 years of blogging - yes I just had a blogiversary thank you, I have made some much needed changes. I'm really diggin it.

I've got some new WIP's - two pairs of socks one for me and one for Court. I'm sure many of you can pick out which one is for me right away - especially with my penchant for purple or anything berry colored.

Courts yellow and turquoise pair is my own ribbed pattern, just a basic sock, warm and comfy for the upcoming winter. If I am brave I'll write a pattern but I'm scared of pattern writing - I'm sure I'll make about 50 mistakes and then have to revise it every 2 days.

My pair will eventually be the Twisted Tweed Socks (although in true lazy knitter style - I'll be doing the fancy stitch pattern on the leg only) by the talented Schrodinger who not only knits but sews as well - she has a new etsy shop, Schrodinger Originals, selling her cube bags. Here is a pic stolen from her etsy shop - I forgot to snap a pic of mine. I love it - it's perfect for socks on the go or any little project you want to smush in your bag but don't want to ruin with the various items crammed into your purse (maybe that's just my purse - but I doubt it)

Go take a look - and buy - you'll be glad you did.

More newness - I got a new haircut! This is the shortest my hair has EVER been. I've been systematically cutting it shorter and shorter and I think this is my limit - but I think it suits me and makes my hair look way fuller.

And as you know from my last post I recently moved. Here is a picture of the living room post box removal.

There is a lot of decorating work to be done here - and decorating compromises to be discussed. We did come up with what to hang on the wall over the couch. We are going to be collaborating on a hand dyed and pieced wall hanging - stay tuned for progress reports).

Check out the creepy glowing cat eyes - now there are 4 cats to stumble over!

Hey I've also got STORE news - I've started a 3 Month Holiday Sock Club and there are a few spots left. The first shipment will be within the first 2 weeks of October.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Summer is over - Back to fibery things...yay

So, I must confess, there hasn't been much knitting at all done this summer (gasp, shock, shriek) - really, with temperatures in the 90's I wasn't going to even look at wool to spin or yarn to knit. For the most part I didn't even want my clothes on, although I made sure to fight the urge to strip (which was a mighty feat of self control). But finally the humidity has dissipated and the temperature took a southern dip, and for the first time it feels just a bit like fall. So you all know what I was doing this morning on the train right? oh yes my friends knitting some socks - in a lovely berry shade of Trekking XXL - alas no pictures yet.

Speaking of pictures I will speed you through my summer ala photo journalism style -

Courtney has fun with power tools while cutting off the child safety bars in order to put in an AC - note to building owners - Do not use one-way screws when installing these things.

Spider Parties were attended - Really, who can ask for a better group of friends?

Check us out rooting through a ton of yarn! Ohh and don't I look fetching in a tiara hehee - behind me is Carrie - probably with her yarn haul.

In family news, my little sister became a court officer - I am so very proud of her - doesn't she looks adorable...I mean tough and mean - umm - yeah. I miss her at the day job so much - not to mention as my yarn dyeing assistant. Next to her is my lovely mother - who btw is also an officer!

Well I'm basically out of pictures but I do have some more news - I Moved (still in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn). The move was HELL and I would never wish that kind of stress and anxiety on anyone. But, the apartment is lovely, and Courtney and I are loving it.

Fibery news coming soon.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Hello all - Just a little note to let you know the STORE has been updated
Lots of new yarn - in all new colorways.

Also I've got hand dyed clothes for babies and adults by Digger and Dweezil - they are so adorable and one of a kind. Lots more colors and sizes on the way and if you have a request let me know and I'll get your order in!

Monday, May 21, 2007

And the winner is...

Thank you everyone for such thoughtful comments! I visited a lot of new blogs and I'm in the process now of updating my reading list to include all of you (I love delurking time). I'm also compiling a great list for those of you out there who need a little inspiration or jump start in the knitting and/or blogging realm.

I got started on a lot of those suggestions already but first I'll let you know the winner -

LANI - go check out her blog she just finished the ever popular Monkey Socks.

I've got a nice little package going out to her which I totally forgot to take a picture of.

So on to the things I'm doing to keep myself motivated.

#1 - finish the endless kneehigh sock - only the first one is done and I am waiting a bit before I cast on for the second one - I don't want to be thrown into knitting exile again so soon.

I made so many modifications to this, and of course didn't write any of them down, so it's going to be interesting recreating the 2nd sock. The original pattern is the cable twist socks. I LOVE this pattern. I already knit one pair and this will be my 2nd. It's so easy but you still have to think about where you are in the pattern. I think the modifications are: toe up, plain stockinette on the foot, increases on each side of the leg as it got longer, and a very interesting rib to top it off ( interesting because it's k2, p1, k2, p2 - it fit with the pattern)

#2 - Buy some yarn! I couldn't pass up these colors, especially since they were on sale, and neither could she.

Aren't they just lovely?

#3 - Start a new and exciting project. I started knitting a silver wire bracelet. I figured that is something I've never really done. Well I did try once, but silver wire and metal needles will drive you crazy and force you to hurl stuff across the room in frustration. I've since learned that one of the items (either yarn or needles) needs to have some "give", so this time I have 28g silver wire and US1 bamboo needles - the bamboo needles are nice and flexible. It's coming along nicely.

I plan to knit until it's the size of my wrist, then I'll fold it in half, wire the long side together, and either wear it like that or maybe I'll put in some larger beads into the tube and then close up the ends and either solder on or wire on a bar and clasp. I know it might be hard to visualize but I'll have pictures soon.

#4 - get outside and do something other than knit. Court and I went to Central Park last weekend and had a blast - isn't she cute?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Uninspired = free yarn contest

Update - a winner has been chosen - Next post on Wednesday evening will name the winner and the prize!

I've been feeling blah about knitting and blogging lately. I'm sure this phase will pass but I always hate it when I get into these slumps. I've been working on the same annoying knee high sock for ages, since my vacation over a month ago, and I'm still not finished with the first one - it just goes on and on and on.

In order to get back into the swing of things, I am going back to my regular reading and commenting of blogs - I'm scared to even look at bloglines. I've also decided that in order to make things more exciting around here I am going to have a CONTEST.

Ok the rules - very simple - leave me a comment on what you do to get out of your yarn and blogging slumps. I'll then pick one of you at random and send over yarny gifts. If you happen to be a spinner as well, you'll get 1/2 yarn gifts and 1/2 spinning gifts. I'm also going to compile a list of all the suggestions in hopes of helping others during these dark hours of non-knitting and blogging. I'm not sure what the prize will be yet but you can be sure it'll be good - if you've seen my apartment in person, or just pictures here online, you know I have LOTS of stuff - many of which really could use a new home.

Aren't the Atlas mountains in Morocco amazing? - hey if you would like to take a peak at my vacation photos check out the Morocco flickr Pool or my flickr page

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Vacation is over....Sigh

As the title suggests, I am indeed back from vacation. Although I am happy to be back in the good ol US of A, I am missing the days off from my 9-5 (well really 10-6 but that's neither here nor there). So where did I jet off to for just about 2 weeks? AFRICA - ok Morocco to be exact, it just sounds so much more dramatic to say Africa, and it isn't untrue.

I went with Virginia, her guy A, and Joe. All I can say is - what and adventure that was! I'm not going to bore you with all the details but I will tell you there were medieval cities, 8 hour train rides, the prophet's birthday, scheming snake charmers, lots of shopping, camel riding, sleeping in a Berber tent in the Sahara under a full moon, a transit strike, shady dealings with a cab driver, becoming friends with said cab driver, castles crumbled into the sea, the BEST seafood ever - I could go on but I'll stop here and show you some "best of" pictures.

There are many more where those came from but I won't put them all into a post. Hopefully soon I'll have them up on my flickr account so you can peruse them all at your convenience.

So the vacation was great but I am glad to be back home - especially because I was missing someone special. Yup I've got a special someone and she is really amazing. So creative - umm she knows all about dyeing fabric, and even does wonderful silk paintings (how I managed that - I don't know - what are the odds?). Oh and smart (I see future novelist here) and lovely...and I better stop before I make you all puke. So maybe - just maybe this is one of the reasons I've been a little absent from this here know I love you all but sometimes you just need extra time in the beginning of a new relationship to get to a little carried away. Oh and guess what? She wants me to teach her how to knit...mmm hmmm now you really like her don't you? Good cause so do I.

Just because I've met someone and went on vacation doesn't mean I haven't been knitting. I've got two pairs of socks done and I have the fist sock of a pair of knee highs almost done. Here is the progress pic of the knee highs - oh how I love knitting on the beach.

the yarn is Zara and it's soft and cushy and it knits up so fast on us 3 needles. It's quite a bit longer now. The pattern is the cable twist socks from Hello Yarn. I did change the pattern for toe up, short row heel, and the pattern is only on the leg. I really love this pattern it's simple, easy to memorize and customize, and stays up! This is actually my 2nd pair in this pattern.

When I get the other pictures off my home computer, I'll show you my FO's. I think I've made up for lost time though. I'm off to try and catch up on some much neglected blog reading.