Thursday, December 20, 2007


I'm having an end of year sale at the STORE I'm offfering 20% off all yarn - I need to clear out for more yarn coming in January.

If you order by the 21st I'll be mailing them out right away - after that they will be mailed out on the 27th.



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Socks on Blocks

My socks are done! I finished them on Sunday and I think I worked on each sock maybe 4 days of subway knitting each. They flew off the needles.

Here they are on my new fabulous sock blockers given to me by Veronique at the Spider Christmas party this weekend - I'm in love with them and the cute little fat cat carved out of them.

Here is a shot of the naked sock blockers:

I"ll have the pattern up as soon as it's tested - it's for my soon to be released 3 ply sock yarn - Soft Spun Plus.

I have started knitting on a long time WIP which hopefully will be a FO tonight - Pics to come soon of super cool knee highs.

Here are a few bits of eye candy - I woke up really early a few days last week and I caught the sunrise -I love the sunrise it's so peaceful, I had to take pics.

While I was taking pics of the sunrise this is what Gary was doing: