Thursday, March 20, 2008

Store Update

BIG store update tons of new colorways in all base yarns!

Have something to knit for spring break!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Babies, cats and dye oh my

This must be the year of babies. Apparently all my friends have "gotten busy" and are now expecting or have just popped! 2 friends have just had little bundles of joy, and 5 more are pregnant - one of them is my sister! I have a LOT of baby knitting to do.

A couple of Saturdays ago I realized that on Sunday I had a baby shower to go to and I had not finished the baby blanket I was working on. Let me give you a timeline of what happened short after this realization:

9:01 - frantically looking for the mitered squares

9:10 - found them only to realize I still had 3.5 more squares to knit
10:00 - 1.5 squares knit
10:01 - searching through piles of stash yarn for the right color to complete the next 2 squares
10:27 - Found it!
10:30 - take a break - cause in the middle of a yarn emergency taking a break seemed like the only thing to do
11:15 - back to work
12:15 - Finished squares

12:15-2:45 am - a ton of friggin seaming
3:00 am - sleep - sweet. sweet sleep

10:00 - I'm awake - No, last nights knitting was not some sick and twisted dream telling me I need to work on my procrastination
10:05 - Pick up a ton of stitches and knit a border (after brushing my teeth)
10:06-1:30 pm - finish the border

1:31-2:30 - grab some lunch, jump into the shower, get dressed etc...
2:30-3:30 - I want to cry but I'm weaving in a bazillion ends

3:35 - get on the bus into Manhattan for the 4:30 baby shower - the ends are still not 100% but I've brought along a needle, scissors, and wrapping paper
4:15 - almost there and I just finished weaving and trimming the last of the ends
4:20 - Wrap the gift on the bus
4:25 - Get off the bus and walk over to the baby shower!

At this point you'd think YAY she did it - all over and done with, mama will love the blankie and the shower will be a pink and blue blast. Well - I get to the apartment where the shower is being held and guess what? No one home! I called and called, I rang the bell, I even was let in to knock on the door - still no answer.

I head home with the blanket still in my possession. Turns out, the baby was very eager, kicked a hole through the amniotic sac and my friend had to go in for an emergency c-section on Thursday before the shower - guess who didn't get the email notice?

But now I know better and will start and finish my baby gifts early - umm ok maybe not. At least I did get a good blog post out of it!

Cats and dye -

If you want to know the story behind this picture - check out Court's new blog - she's got the full run down it's totally worth reading!