Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ever heard of Geocaching?

Neither did I, but it's worth learning about. Basically, there is a large group of people who hide things on trails and in state parks - maybe even in a park near you (they are in Brooklyn too!) - and then other people go out and find them. It's like a scavenger hunt, you get GPS coordinates of the cache which takes you 10-20 feet from it. You'll also most likely get a cryptic clue which will get you even closer - but you are still going to have to do a little searching. Most caches are boxes (usually Ammo cans):

Inside the box there is generally a logbook, a pencil, and various trinkets. If you take a trinket, you should add one of your own to keep the box supplied with goodies. There are also things called Geocoins and Travel Bugs. They are items you leave in the cache with instructions like - please take me to Disney World. People will take them if they can help them get to the destination stated - and place them in different caches along the way. Check out our handmade Travel Bug - Court whipped this little dragonfly up:

So far we've only found a few caches but they have taken us to some lovely views:

High above LaGrangeville, NY

The Hudson River near Sleepy Hollow, NY

It's a great way to get some nature pics!

I happen to love this sign we saw on the way up a grueling hike which took us up 500 ft in elevation in 3/4 of a mile -

So anyone else out there Geocachers?

Oh there has been some knitting - I finished these a while ago - a pair of simple ribbed socks for Court.

Pattern: my own
Yarn: My Soft Spun Plus in Lush Lake
Needles: Magic Loop Addi #3
I forget how long they took but I do know they went fast.