Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thank you Thank you

Thank you to everyone who commented, emailed and called....It made me feel so good to hear from you all - to know I have friends and people who care about me. You all made me feel so much better with your words of wisdom and encouragement. And the good thing - it worked. I'm feeling much better about the whole situation, and am getting used to living alone again...although with two kitties I am never really alone! I'm exercising, dropping pounds and feeling good about myself. Don't believe me - this was taken today at lunch -

During my little hiatus I indulged in a little retail therapy - yes my friends I've bought a new wheel! The coveted Lendrum DT her name is Larissa the Lendrum isn't she pretty!

She joins Geraldine the Carder, Big Bertha from Brooklyn - the Electric bulky spinner, and Gooch my workhorse Louet wheel. I'm thinking this is how my little fiber family will stay for a while...I've been a little spendy lately (shopping can do wonders!) so now I'm starting to really save again.

Ohh I've also got proof for you that I still knit I've finished two pairs of socks My Dublin Bay inspired socks which were started a VERY long time ago. The yarn is something I got off of Ebay a while ago I can't remember the name - it's a no brand type of thing.

And here is a pair I knitted from Deep Elemental Instant Gratification - they knit up so quickly - simple stockinette toe up. Being modeled by my sister Lauren.

On the exercise front I've been walking to Brooklyn at least 3 times a week each week and I'm trying to take a slightly different route home each night. I'm calling this my NYC Urban exploration time. I was born and raised in NYC but it's amazing the things you don't know and have never seen if you don't take the time and walk around. I'm going to try and get pictures of interesting things to share with all of you - Here is my first pic...The Brooklyn Bridge while walking over it -