Friday, December 15, 2006


I actually have knitting to show you - are you amazed? Yup I pulled it out of the poor UFO pile and finished it up. Without further ado here is SIZZLE!

Pattern: Sizzle
Designer: Wendy Bernard
Yarn: Cathay
Modifications: knit in the round and close up the side slits (I hate side slits on sweaters...they look weird on me)
Needles: US 7 Addi Turbos
Date Started: umm a long time ago sometime in the summer
Date Completed: December 13, 2006

I had most of this done for so long but I just had no motivation to finish the border on the arms...well it's done now and I think it's way cute. I'm not sure I can get away with wearing it as a tank top without something under it....super sexy v-neck...but I love it. It is a little big because I started knitting it before I lost 30 lbs!

I've actually got another project underway already - Glittens. This pattern is too cute. I knit this in 1 evening (and a little clandestine knitting at my desk on a slow day)

I'll start on the mitten part tonight. I've made quite a few mistakes and I'm thinking I'll end up knitting 3 of these - this one is a learning tool...or at least that's what I'll tell

The Weekender bag is all done - I didn't take pics because it really doesn't look any different just the inside is lined in plain black cotton. I've got two scarves on the needles and a few more to cast on for...I'll make it for Christmas - maybe.