Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year - umm a little late

Well the new year is here and the SICKNESS has lifted from my home - I was grounded for close to a week with a terrible cold. I guess I took my holiday partying a little too seriously.

I had a wonderful Holiday season and I hope you all did as well. I got a cool new toy for Christmas - a new camera - a sweet Canon Digital Rebel XT, so hopefully you'll see some nicer pics around here - but I make no promises. Now we'll see if the crappy pictures were because of the equipment or the photographer!

So I finished my Glittens a LONG time ago but here is a pic.

I made a number of mistakes but I still love them and am now knitting another pair in black for myself - the green ones were gifted already.

Since I don't have much more knitting news, I'll show you another little project I have been working on. This is a fabric wall hanging that I pieced together this past weekend.

It's not done yet - I have to add lots of decorative stitching to keep all the fabric in place and to create more depth in the piece. I'll add some metallic thread and maybe even some yarn to embellish. I think the embellishment process will take a lot longer than the piecing - we'll see. I call this cheat quilting since no sewing was done. It's basically applique but using double sided fusible interfacing - Fabric Collage! Once the stitching is down I think it'll be a little more acceptable as a applique art quilt.

In other news - I am FINALLY updating the store! I was going to put it up this weekend but I think Tuesday is going to be the update day. It'll give me enough time to gather everything and take nice pics. I feel like I am finally back in the swing of things after being on and off for the past few months. This is a BIG update with a ton of yarn and fiber. Remember, mailing list friends get first dibs. Here is a sneak peak.