Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Summer is over - Back to fibery things...yay

So, I must confess, there hasn't been much knitting at all done this summer (gasp, shock, shriek) - really, with temperatures in the 90's I wasn't going to even look at wool to spin or yarn to knit. For the most part I didn't even want my clothes on, although I made sure to fight the urge to strip (which was a mighty feat of self control). But finally the humidity has dissipated and the temperature took a southern dip, and for the first time it feels just a bit like fall. So you all know what I was doing this morning on the train right? oh yes my friends knitting some socks - in a lovely berry shade of Trekking XXL - alas no pictures yet.

Speaking of pictures I will speed you through my summer ala photo journalism style -

Courtney has fun with power tools while cutting off the child safety bars in order to put in an AC - note to building owners - Do not use one-way screws when installing these things.

Spider Parties were attended - Really, who can ask for a better group of friends?

Check us out rooting through a ton of yarn! Ohh and don't I look fetching in a tiara hehee - behind me is Carrie - probably with her yarn haul.

In family news, my little sister became a court officer - I am so very proud of her - doesn't she looks adorable...I mean tough and mean - umm - yeah. I miss her at the day job so much - not to mention as my yarn dyeing assistant. Next to her is my lovely mother - who btw is also an officer!

Well I'm basically out of pictures but I do have some more news - I Moved (still in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn). The move was HELL and I would never wish that kind of stress and anxiety on anyone. But, the apartment is lovely, and Courtney and I are loving it.

Fibery news coming soon.