Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New and Improved

Forget about same ol' same ol', I've got some new stuff going on!

Check out the new layout of the blog - much better right? Easier to read and much more personalized. Finally after 2 years of blogging - yes I just had a blogiversary thank you, I have made some much needed changes. I'm really diggin it.

I've got some new WIP's - two pairs of socks one for me and one for Court. I'm sure many of you can pick out which one is for me right away - especially with my penchant for purple or anything berry colored.

Courts yellow and turquoise pair is my own ribbed pattern, just a basic sock, warm and comfy for the upcoming winter. If I am brave I'll write a pattern but I'm scared of pattern writing - I'm sure I'll make about 50 mistakes and then have to revise it every 2 days.

My pair will eventually be the Twisted Tweed Socks (although in true lazy knitter style - I'll be doing the fancy stitch pattern on the leg only) by the talented Schrodinger who not only knits but sews as well - she has a new etsy shop, Schrodinger Originals, selling her cube bags. Here is a pic stolen from her etsy shop - I forgot to snap a pic of mine. I love it - it's perfect for socks on the go or any little project you want to smush in your bag but don't want to ruin with the various items crammed into your purse (maybe that's just my purse - but I doubt it)

Go take a look - and buy - you'll be glad you did.

More newness - I got a new haircut! This is the shortest my hair has EVER been. I've been systematically cutting it shorter and shorter and I think this is my limit - but I think it suits me and makes my hair look way fuller.

And as you know from my last post I recently moved. Here is a picture of the living room post box removal.

There is a lot of decorating work to be done here - and decorating compromises to be discussed. We did come up with what to hang on the wall over the couch. We are going to be collaborating on a hand dyed and pieced wall hanging - stay tuned for progress reports).

Check out the creepy glowing cat eyes - now there are 4 cats to stumble over!

Hey I've also got STORE news - I've started a 3 Month Holiday Sock Club and there are a few spots left. The first shipment will be within the first 2 weeks of October.