Thursday, October 25, 2007

Being productive

I've been on a knitting roll. I finished one of the Twisted Tweed Socks and am working away on the 2nd one. The only thing that is slowing my progress is I finally got the log cabin itch. I found out a friend of mine was pregnant and is having a boy so I figured it was the perfect time to knit my first baby blanket.

I started late Monday night and here is the progress so far:

and an artsy side shot:

I'm really enjoying the flow of this blanket. It's not quite a log cabin - maybe I should call it log cabin inspired. I didn't plan out the color repeats or how many rows of each to do, I am just grabbing yarn and knitting till it feels right. So far so good I think.

I've also finished a pair of arm warmers for Court - here she is when I rudely, I mean lovingly, woke her up and said I wanted a shot of the arm warmers. I put them on her, let her hide, and snapped this shot - I LOVE this shot hehee.

These were knit out of baby alpaca I spun up ages ago. No pattern, just a tube with a hole on the side for the thumb and some k2p2 rib on the top and bottom. If you look close you'll see I embroidered (not very neatly) an L for left and an R for right. Although they are knit so as to be interchangeable, were knit with the same yarn, the same amount of stitches and within about an hour of each other, the fit is different for each arm so Court asked that a designation be made for ease of use. I gladly obliged.

I did go to Rhinebeck but amazingly I didn't buy any fiber or yarn - can you believe that? I figure I recently got in an order of 450 lbs of yarn and I should probably lay off the fiber and yarn ordering for a bit :). I did score some Phenomenal Fudge this stuff is heavenly, some chocolate covered pretzels, honey sticks, a candy and caramel apple, and a large bag of kettle corn. By the way - not all of this was for me - just so you know hehee. I met up with some of the Spiders and we had a greasy, but yummy, lunch - I really wanted the artichokes but alas, the line was too long and I was too hungry. Cathy brought with her one of her cube bags that I ADORE. She emailed me and said she knew I would love this fabric and she was oh so right. It's perfect - if you have been reading this here blog for a bit you'll know why...

SWIRLS GALORE!!! I love it - thank you Cathy.

I also ran into Michelle, owner of The Sweet Sheep who came all the way down from Canada wearing her lovely Mr. Green Jeans Sweater. And of course, I couldn't leave without Chilling with Mama-E for a bit. It was a warm day but she was rocking her Fugl sweater - let me tell you it is so pretty. She also brought me a gift - check out this lovely BFL roving -

I can't wait to spin it up. I think Mama-E is going to have a package delivered to her soon :)

I'll leave you with a picture of Gary - my "special" boy. He was percolating before birth WAY too long. As a result he tends to run into walls, isn't the most coordinated, and I think might possible have narcolepsy (he'll walk around, stop and just plop down and sleep anywhere). Oh but I love him and his giant ears.