Friday, September 19, 2008

Ahoy Mateys

There ain't be no better time to come back to this here blog than on talk(Blog) like a pirate day! I've been sailing some rough seas over the past few months, but I am finally sailing smooth with many a treasure found and islands visited.

Me first treasure be the furry little land lubber Benny - he was a wee little thing when we broke him out of the brig. He be turnin' into a real fine lad - although his mateys (Gina, Divino and Gary) sometimes thinks he be a scurvy dog!

He is a mite bigger now but ye can see the mischief in his eyes.

As fer the island adventure, me wench Courtney and I found our way to the pirate haven of Aruba. It be hot and breezy at that port, but we had ourselves a grand time with other Buccaneers while we swam in the lazy river and ate good grub!

Here be some pictures of that fine time.

That be all fer now me hearties - I'll be weighing the anchor but will be back soon!

Long live the pirates - ARRRRRRRRRR! Where's my rum????