Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Anyone still there?

I have to admit I've mostly forgotten about this poor blog. With twitter, flickr, and real life gatherings, my poor blag has been really neglected. I know a few bloggers who recently shut down their blogs because they no longer had anything to say or they created the blog in hopes of meeting new people and now they are so busy with friends and life they no longer need the blog.

I'm on the fence. I have been so busy lately with work (both the day job and dyeing) and life (anyone ever plan a wedding? OMG it's time consuming!) that I rarely ever think about posting - this is quite obvious considering the last post was in September of 2008! But I am not ready to just dismantle and walk away.

I think I'll just start off small - here are some pics of recent FO's

Knitting: I made this pattern us as I went along it's basically 5 cables staggered and I'm thinking about writing up a pattern for it - what do you think is it worthy of a pattern? Any suggested names? I've got another design in the works as well - maybe I'll give this designing thing a shot!

New Sock

Jewelry Making: Many moons ago I made jewelry, a lot of it, and did a decent job making a little cash from selling it. I really enjoyed it but then knitting, spinning, yarn and fiber came into my life and Brooklyn Handspun was created so I had very little time to fabricate jewelry. This past weekend I was cleaning out some supplies and came across some stones which NEEDED to become pendants, and once the torch and other supplies came out I have been a jewelry making fool. The pendants then needed hand linked and beaded necklaces to dangle are the first two:

Carnelian Necklace Carnelian and Silver

Geode necklace Geode Slice, Moonstone, and Smokey Quartz

Oh and I've been dyeing fiber - I'm still not sure if I'm going to keep it all for myself or put it up in the store - we'll see.

Alright - maybe with some positive reinforcement I'll keep this blogging up! wink wink