Monday, April 10, 2006

Back from Vegas

And guess what? I actually won something! Amazingly I came back with more money than I went there with. I didn't win millions or thousands but I've got a few hundred dollars and I'm putting it all towards my fibery pursuits.

I bought myself a Pat Green drum carder - I'm on a waitlist for it so I'm not going to go into it until I get it and can show pictures...I am so excited.

I didn't take too many pics while in Vegas cause you know the saying - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - well actually, it's because my mother and I were way to busy gambling to take pictures (hey I know they are dorky - but make sure you get those cards to put into the machines or to give to the dealer when playing the tables - we got 2 nights free from our stay and another 2 nights for a future trip!)

Here are a few pictures:
Isn't this sign just the coolest? Too bad it'll be gone by the end of the year - yup the stardust which has been on the strip since the 50's will be torn down for something new and over the top.

Love this lion!

Me and my mom - no I'm not standing on something - I'm 5'7 and my mom is 4'11 - doesn't she look good?

When I got back I had some fabulous Spider events to attend. On Friday night Katie and Amanda hosted a Spring Fling get together - where wonderful food was eaten and copious amounts of wine were imbibed! Being the special girl I am I didn't bring my camera but I'm sure there will be pictures floating around - so check out the other Spider pages.

On Saturday we had a baby shower for our very lovely and very pregnant Kaitlyn. We arrived at The Point bright an early in the morning and had mimosas and lovely treats from the cafe -

Here you can see Veronique (Head on over to her site where you can see the amazing Rapunzel she just finished) and Carrie partaking of the bubbly!

Steph organized a baby shower project and we all knit up mitered squares and she and Lisa put it together in the fabulous baby blanket

Here is Kaitlyn holding it up - I stole this pic from Lisa's site (don't worry I copied to my hard drive first thanks Lisa!)

Very eventful week I must say - oh I also got my final package from my SP& but I'll show you that tomorrow - she rocks!