Thursday, April 27, 2006

My name is Marie and I am a Fiber Addict!

And I have the pictures to prove it!

These are the purchases I've made in the last month alone. In this pile I have: about 24 lbs of Merino (love that RHLindsay!) 4 lbs of Tussah Silk, 1 lb of Bombyx silk - the most luscious silk around, 1 lb of cotton/merino, 1.5 lb of cotton/silk (both of which I still suck at spinning), 5 lbs of Mill end rovings (I have 2 more lbs of black in a bin someplace), 2 lbs of alpaca/merino/silk, and a few other odds and ends. Umm yeah I might need a 12 step (hey, I'm not knocking them - many friends are alive today because of them!)

My apartment is in utter disarray - I've neglected the housework, good thing I don't have plants because they would all be dead - don't worry about the cats they tell me when they are hungry...meow meow meow, scratch scratch, meow meow...

But isn't this pretty?!?

Here are the custom orders that went out earlier this week...most of them anyway. I say there is about 10 lbs of yarn there - 40 or so skeins - some of them fell down into the couch before the picture was taken.

Since I don't have much more content I'll leave you with some sleepy kitty pictures

Guidy sleeping like a princess - the only time she is a princess - all the rest she is a QUEEN.

Gary and Gina - Gary looks Gigantic from this angle! More proof of the mess - a bead box...stay tuned for some kick ass beaded stitch markers, and random tax papers - don't worry I got them out ontime.