Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fiber goodies

Yes, I decided to join the hordes and go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! E and I drove down on Sunday morning, got lost about a mile away, spent 45 min and precious expensive gas trying to get there - we did eventually. Once there it wasn't too crowded - My guess is everyone went on Sat. We walked around looked at some cute stinky sheep and then met up with the wonderful MamaE, her husband and thier son - the cutest little cowboy out there (it's so adorable the way he called me Miss Marie, and called E Miss E!) After a quick bite to eat with them and my induction into the deep fried oreo lovers club (Erin you are so in trouble for that!) , E and I went shopping...ok well, I went shopping and she stopped me from buying another wheel (have you seen - these - Like I can afford a Golding Wheel, it's on my lottery list.)
I want one of these - Alpacas are so cute...poor baby, if he was mine he'd always be cold!
Here are the goodies: 1 lb of white cashmere, 1 lb of black alpaca, 8ox of 100's merino, 8 oz commercial angora, 3 batts of amazingly soft angora, silk, fine merino, and Brooks Farm Duet - 3 skeins of a pretty blue for a sweater for me, and 1 of some earthy colors that E picked out - destined to be a hat and scarf set or maybe a small vest. All In all, I did well, and I didn't break the bank. Good thing E was with me becuase there were a few wheels I really really wanted - oh well there is always Rhinebeck!

After MSWF - I came home to a lovely package of goodies from Stephanie. Since she lives too far to attend the festival, we had a little fiber exchange of our own -

Take a look at those batts - they are so delish you can't tell in the pic but they are filled with sparkly firestar and just soooo soft - I can't wait to spin these up! Everything is so nice - THANKS STEPH!

Now if you've read this far - you're in luck...I will be updating the Shop tomorrow at about 2 pm - with at least 30 skeins of sock yarn in all new colors!