Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Greetings from Amsterdam

Hello everyone! Well E and I are halfway though our trip andwe've had a great time so far, even though it's been raining on an off. I wanted to write an entry the day we were leaving but it got way too hectic - yes I am a very LAST minute packer.

We've seen the Anne Frank house, the Rembrant House, a few churches and Museums, and yesterday we took a trip to Antwerp and Brussels (I Love pretty) The only complaint I have so far is I've yet to have a decent meal. It's most likely I'm going to the wrong places but there seems to be way more bars and "coffeeshops" than real restaurants. Oh well, I'll keep looking.

Today it's pretty crappy out so we are taking it easy and just chilling - I'm catching up on some knitting. I will definately finally have my Clapotis done...I know, shame on me I've had it in a pile so long I almost forgot what I was doing!

I'm thinking tomorrow we'll take the train to Haarlem or Utrecht and see what they have to offer. Sorry for the pictureless post, this place doesn't allow uploading.

Since this is a fiber blog I will tell you I have been to one yarn store already and have the address of another to visit before I leave. I bought 2 skeins of a simple lambswool blend for socks and 5 small cones of a really funky holographic thread to spin into a future yarn. I thought with all these sheep around I'd be able to buy some wool but alas spinning hasn't caught on here...oh well I have plenty anyway.

Hope to check back in again soon!