Friday, January 25, 2008

30 years ago...

My mom was struggling over piles of snow on her way to the hospital...

We all know what happened next - yup she had a bouncing baby girl - ME. My parents only had boy names picked out so after a little arguing as to whether or not to name me Penelope, they decided on Marie Aline (I just don't think I look like a Penelope - no offense to all of you Penelope's out there).

Now that I'm 30 I feel like I am officially a grown up - although I'm still playing with bits of string and colorful fiber. I'm looking forward to my thirties I think good times are ahead - I'm sure I can deal with the creaking bones lol.

Lest you think this blog is all about Birthdays and Shop announcements - I do have some FO's - knitting has been happening over here.

First off the long awaited Cable Twist socks knit with 4 balls of Zara - nice and squishy.

Here is where I modified the pattern and added increases on both sides of the sock.

I started these in Late March and didn't finish till December of course I knit up 1.5 and then got sick and tired of them and had them sitting in the WIP pile for months. But I really like the way they came out.

Here is another FO - fingerless gloves with a thumb hole. I'm still not sure if I want to add the cap or not. BTW- no kitties were strangled in the course of shooting these pictures :)

Here is the very convenient thumb hole - perfect for trying to grab your metrocard from a very full pocket.

The yarn is my Instant Gratification in Mermaid. I was glad when this didn't sell cause well I had my eye on it from the beginning! The pattern is made up on the fly just some ribbing a thumb gusset and some more ribbing. Originally knit for Court but - um - I kinda stole them back....hey she already has toasty gloves and my hands were freezing!

Thank you Court for being the ever patient FO model!

Finally we have my most current WIP the super secret sock - I won't give any details but here is a pic -

More pictures to come soon - I've still got a lot to show ya!