Monday, November 07, 2005

Back in business and a contest!

I have a feeling this week isn't going to be quite as crazy here at the job, and although my final rehearsals for the opera are coming up, it shouldn't be too hectic. I actually have some stuff to show, not much because my friggin camera's battery ran out before I had a chance to get everything.

On Friday I had a lovely time hanging out with the Spiders, and while there, I was working on a hat for my little sister which turned out to be way too short...yes yes you were right Veronique I really should have continued more before I started the I am stubborn. Well I had to rip some out and here it is right after ripping.

Tonight I'll knit a few more inches before starting my decreases.

I've also finished my socks! Not quite in time for the end of socktober, but pretty close - they were done on November 2nd - not too bad.

They are so comfortable I have been wearing them around the house all week! I'm hoping to maybe score some sock yarn at the Spiders yarn swap so I can start another pair.

Oh here is a pic of the fiber I dyed last week, they are nice and dry and wrapped up into little fluff balls and ready to be spun up.

I went a little crazy with the blue and green this time (do the colors sound a little familiar Wendy?), I think next time I'm going to have more of a plan of action and make notes as to what colors I want in each roving, then I'll have more of a palette to work with after they are dry. It's so hard to get away from my favorite colors.

Here is a little bit of the spinning I got done:

This is 110 yards of the super silky soft Optim Merino...OMG it is so much like silk - I love it. Sorry for the crappy pic - the color is so much nicer in person.!

This one is 180! yards of the softest Merino, it's bulky and would make something perfect for next to the skin and very warm. It's a two ply one of 80's and one of 64's Merino.

I'm trying to figure out what kind of yarn people would like to see more of, so I'd like to take a poll and offer a random commenter a prize of one skein of handspun yarn with at least 100 yards - my choice of color and fiber.

So... would you like to see

1) single ply thick and thin
2) two ply balanced bulky
3) two ply dk
4) novelty yarn such as Glam Rock
5) any other ideas?

The contest will be over on Friday and I will randomly select the winner and then send out the prize! This will really help me, so thanks to all of you who participate.