Wednesday, November 09, 2005

dreams of knitting and spinning...

So, I guess it was wishful thinking when I said this week wasn't going to be as busy as last, cause so far it's busier! I won't be getting home before 11 for the next week and a half! well once the Opera is over, I'll be a free woman and I can get back to my evening spinning and knitting.

Until then, check out this Quiz by Veronique

You are The Point!
You want it all. You might have a hankering for
the most luxurious handpainted silk yarn. Or
maybe a couple of skein of Kureyon. Don't
worry, you can sit down, have a latte and
absorb it all...

What NYC yarn store are you?
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The Contest/Poll is still going on, I've been getting great feedback but would love some more. All you lurkers - get those comments posted and maybe you'll win some handspun yarn!