Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bye Bye Auto

Well this was supposed to be a nice long weekend full of relaxation, knitting and yarn buying - ummm some of that happened but not in the way I would have preferred.

This weekend our car was stolen! yup it must have been picked up by a crooked tow truck company because we had the club on it, and the alarm - which incorporates a cut off switch - and there was no broken glass where we parked it. And for all of you wishful thinkers out there - nope it was not towed by the city - we checked. Good thing we have a good full coverage insurance policy!

You know the worst part? That we had to dig the friggin car out from under 2 feet of snow last week and in addition, E got a $115 parking ticket and the car was towed (another $185) on Thursday - for being like 2 inches into the intersection in Brooklyn Heights. The police told her that the traffic cops were making up for lost ticket days on Monday and Tuesday because of the snow...isn't that nice? So if they were going to steal our car couldn't they have done it the week before? At least we would have had $300 more in the bank and I wouldn't have gotten a big bruise on my butt from falling while shoveling the car out!

On a good note - I had a great time hanging out on Friday with mah girls and I did pick up some misti alpaca for a thicker lace shawl! Oh well, I've got to look on the bright side at least we weren't in the car while it was stolen and now we get to go car shopping!