Wednesday, February 01, 2006

More dyeing??

Yup that's right I've been doing more yarn dyeing! I took Sunday off but on Monday I was back at it dyeing up sock yarn. I'll have a store update tomorrow but until then here is a little flash of color -
I've got 13 skeins here and tonight I'll be on a reskeining binge for the update tomorrow. I've also got about 12 more yarns soaking to dye up. I'm thinking of making a few that are mainly one color but with a little burst of another, and maybe some that have more of a mottled effect - what do you think?

I've also been spinning for The Point my LYS.
10 skeins of funky supercoiled yarn with sparklies. I tried to get a little crazy with color - hopefully people like it. I'm feeling the need to go back to simple spinning for a while - Single ply, thick and thin, two ply with maybe a little sparkle. I want to spin stuff that is fitting for a large project like a sweater. I've been doing lots of novelty stuff lately and although I enjoy it and I think it looks great there are only so many things you can make with novelty yarn. I recently received a bunch of wonderfully soft merino roving and some superfine 80's roving which I think I will dye in large lots so I can have at least a few hundred yards of each lot. It'll be much easier to knit a larger project with this much yarn.

With all this dyeing and spinning going on my knitting has really been pushed to the back burner. I'm only at the heel on my second Dublin Bay inspired sock and have only done the first chart of the flower basket shawl - by the way, the chart reading is getting much easier and I don't have to pay quite as much attention as when I first started. I've also went and bought more yarn today (I'm insane - I know this) and I'm finally going to knit up the Clapotis! Wow I'll have 3 projects on the needles - I know this isn't many projects for most of you, but I'm usually a one project kind of gal so this is kinda weird...but exciting.

Check out the great gifts that fellow bloggers have sent me for my Birthday

Isn't this sheepy cute? Stephanie sent me this adorable sheep she made. She has the pattern available for anyone who has crochet skills - argh how I wish I knew how to crochet! She also had a kitty who is super cute too.

And Erin (aka Mama-E) has sent me some kick ass stitch markers! I love that they are apples! You know I never knew that Baltimore was called Charm learn something new everyday. You should check out her Flash your Stash Mondays - it's a great way to see what other people are buying and drool!!! In the future it might be a great place for swaps!