Monday, February 06, 2006

Too fast

The weekend went by way too quickly. I had so many things planned, lots of stuff I wanted to get done and guess what...I didn't have enough time. Yes this is often the case with weekends, you try and cram way too much stuff into two measly days and then when Sunday night rolls around you look at your TO DO list and realize hardly anything has been done! My time is especially cut short now that rehearsals have begun for the next Opera - this one is Elisir D'Amour and I've got a lot of music to learn in a very short amount of time (the performances are mid march). Since the whole season of operas were cast before I joined the company, I'm still only singing in the chorus but the chorus alone has over 100 pages of music to learn!

Although this weekend was a bit crazy with my all day Sat. Rehearsal I did manage to get some stuff done. I am moving along on my Clapotis
Right after this picture I had some train knitting time and I was able to drop on of the Sts and I really think this is going to look cool. I have a feeling it's going to take forever though. The yarn is Nashua - I had never heard of it before but it's soft since it's wool and alpaca and a good price $8.00 for 220 yards. I Love the colors (they remind me of land and sea) but E keeps making fun of me saying it looks like an old man's 1970's sweater..not very nice (but funny!)

I also got a little jewelry making time in -

this is a silver cuff bracelet that I started working on a long time ago. I had already created the cuff and soldered the bezel and now I finally set the stone, a natural Lapis crystal, and shined it up a bit. The only thing I have to do now is stabilize the crystal with some epoxy resin since it's so delicate. I really like the blue, it is so vibrant and it sparkles! - you all know I love me some sparkles!

I'll have some Yarn P*rn soon but until then you get hot mama kitty pics.

This is Gina she's the shy one, but let me tell you she is one lovable girl - she loves to sit on my lap and get pets or she'll walk up behind my head and nudge's so cute. She followed E and I home 2 years ago on Valentines day. We saw her, and being the cat ladies that we are, went to the store and picked up some cat food for her. Let me tell you she was so friggin sweet - much nicer than our kitties whom we raised since kittens. Well after she ate and we started to walk down the block to the house - she followed, we got to the door and she walked right in! We put her in the bathroom and we decided to try and find a home for her. It was then we realized she was pregnant! Well in a week she gave birth to two kitties in our kitchen - the grey kitty, Gary, you see traipsing around the blog is one of her babies, the other one we were able to find a loving home for. Now she is part of the family!

Doesn't it look like she is wearing make up? Eyeliner and noseliner!