Friday, February 16, 2007

Fun with Photos

So, I've had this fancy new camera since Christmas and I've been having a lot of fun learning about Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO speed and all that interesting stuff. The only problem is the weather - yes the weather. I'd like to go outside more often to experiment, walk around and take pictures but it's way too friggin cold. Although I can't really take the pics I want, I have been keeping myself busy taking pictures inside and from my window.

First here is a picture I took with Sandra in mind. She takes the coolest sock and shoe pics, although her shoes are way fancier than mine. Here I am sporting my finished socks and my brand new danskos.

I've been hearing about how comfortable these for so long from a bunch of the Spiders and they are so right! I love them.

Here is another shot of the socks where you can see more of them - and of Gary. He says they smell good! I swear that's what he said :)

Here are the specs:

Lace Top Toe Up Sock
Yarn: BH - Soft Spun, Cool Beans colorway
Needles: Size 1 addis - magic loop
Time to complete: less than 2 weeks! - Personal best
Modifications: I didn't really look at the pattern till I got to the leg, I did a figure 8 cast on, increased to 72 st. and then did a simple short row heel using Misocrafty's method for no holes - thank you Steph for showing me!

I've already cast on for another pair of socks - this time using baby cashmerino...mmmmmm These are for my mom.

So I got this macro filter lens for my camera and I just had to show you how cool it is. Here is a picture of a poof of fiber nice and close.

And here is the crop - check out how close the baby gets!

I promise this is the last picture - this was taken from my window the other night after the snow - I Love the color of the sky.