Sunday, January 29, 2006

Spiders Dye Day

Yesterday my partner and I had 16 lovely ladies over our house for a full day of eating, drinking, knitting, and of course yarn dyeing. The festivities began at 1 pm and we didn't finish till close to 10 pm! Most of the Spiders were there a few of which I had actually never met before - Carrie, Julsey, Iraida, Sarah and her sister Mary, as well Jess (she's not a spider but we won't hold that against her!) all of you gals are great and I can't wait for us all to get together again.

I loved eyeing all the great projects they had on the needles as well as the colorways each one came up with (I was taking mental notes for my next yarn update!!! Thanks girls!). Some additional excitement came when Amanda got stuck in the bathroom for a good 15 min. or so - I broke out the drill and took the plate off but that didn't do anything. We were struggling for a while till Stephanie saved the day and promptly opened the door with a knife in like 30 sec! go Steph!

Also in attendance were Lisa, Abby, Veronique, Sarah, Joy, Sandra, Katie, and Kaitlyn. Thank you all for making the end of a very difficult week, full of having a cold and food poisoning, great for me! We will definitely be having more of these dye days.

Lots of knitting action here
Don't you love Katie's new accessories?
That's one huge tub of yarn - over 40 hanks!
All steamed and ready to be rinsed
Rinsed and hanging to dye - aren't the colorways lovely?
Can you tell a good time was had?