Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Urban Exploration

So I know this is amazing - two posts in a row but don't get too excited yet - there is relatively no knitting content ahead. But...there are some interesting pictures.

Yesterday after work I decided to take one of my treks from 32nd and Madison to over the Brooklyn Bridge. I decided to take pictures of interesting sites on my route. So here we have a little photo journal of my trip. If you are familiar with Brooklyn you'll realize this trek was a lot longer than just over the bridge - I basically walked to Park Slope - I'm guessing 8-9 miles.

This was on one of the court buildings on Centre Street - if you can't read it it says - "Equal and Exact Justice to All Men Whatever State or Persuasion" - if only this were true!

Halfway over the Brooklyn Bridge - it's not as late as it looks.

Hmmmm...what to say...Just say NO!

Good thing Knit-away was closed or I would have indulged too much as usual.

Did you know Ex Lax was in Brooklyn? Ok it's no longer Ex Lax Inc. it's been converted into apartments but I loved that they kept the sign and soothing blue and green colors...LOL.

Hang a right on 4th and Atlantic...

I love old ads on the sides of brick buildings

Stuff nightmares are made of...scary!

Why is is so much fun to take pictures of the sunset? Maybe it's the romantic in me!

End of the line...well I think I could have kept walking but it was getting dark so I decided to take the rest of the way home by train. All in all it took me about 2 hours from start to finish - not too bad I think.