Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bloggety Blog Blog

I am so way behind the times, I can't belive it's taken me this long to start up my own blog. I've been reading other blogs for ages now, and have been a lazy ass in starting my own. But finally I bit the bullet and said enough is enough and look here I am! A little about why I am starting this blog - I am a crafting addict, my main crafts are Jewelry and Fibery stuff like spinning yarn and knitting. This addiction is so far along that I have an entire room in my apartment dedicated to crafting. At the moment the "craft den" is being quickly filled to the brim with pounds of fiber for spinning. I'll be posting pics of my yarn and other crafty bits form time to time. I's rather be posting fun stuff then sitting here languishing in my mind meltingly boring 9-5. so for your viewing pleasure here are some of my yarns.

Peach Punch
Rainbow Bright
Rockin Rainbow
City Lights
chasing a Rainbow

What do you think?