Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More yarn!

ok I went a little crazy with the pictures but hey I know everyone loves to look at pictures in a blog so here goes.

Organic Pumpkin
I Love love love this one, the orange is so lovely, it's Romney and soy silk, and I actually met the sheep who were gracious enough to give me this fiber! Theya re so friggin cute.

This one the colors are perfect for the autum harvest - not that we harvest anything here in Brooklyn!!! It's Romney and Kid Mohair

Carribean Breeze
Can you see the office supplies and my messy desk in the backround of this picture? I needed to post this on my Etsy site and I had to sneak it at work! It's Romney and an amazing Bombyx Silk and Mohair blend.

Summer Breeze
This was one of my early dye jobs using kool aid (the universal beginners dye!) It's Domestic Wool.

I have been spinning one skein a day or every two days so I'll be posting lots and lots of stuff. In addition, I'll be having a dye day soon so I'll have plenty of stuff for show and tell.