Monday, September 26, 2005

Time to show a little knitting

Ok since this is a spinning and knitting blog, I guess I must show my pathetic knitting skills. My stitches are all twisted, I screw up the pattern and keep going, and I have no regard for the "rules", I tie knots to join new colors, and I rarely ever weave the ends in, I end up cutting those bad boys off, blocking...what's blocking???

Here is a section of a scarf I finished last month in a sorta basketweave pattern. I have been spinning so much I've totally neglected my knitting, I hope to have a few new things soon, maybe something which shows I CAN change my twisted ways and knit the straight and narrow - this only applies to my knitting of course!

Don't be too harsh!

In other news the jewelry show was this weekend and it went fairly well, we sold some stuff, and made a few contacts. Hopefully something will come of it. Right now I have to focus on updating our tired old jewelry website, suggestions are always appreciated.