Friday, September 30, 2005


I have been looking forward to today all week!! Work has been insane and in my passive agressive way at getting back at them I blog during the day, yeah yeah bad employee. But today is friday and I get to go to the movies tonight and watch History of Violence, tomorrow stay in and knit, spin and chill all day. Sunday is Knit out in Union Square park, I can't wait to go. I'll be the one trying to sell her yarn to all the lovely knitters out there.

Why is it that although I spin my own yarn, and spend a ton of money on it, I have the urge to buy up all sorts of goodies in my LYS??? I think spinning has made me even more in love with the colors and textures of yarn. I must go on a fiber diet for a month at least. I have a ton of commercial yarn stored in tubs (5 of them to be exact), and I literally have fiber piled to the ceiling of my craft room.
This is just the yarn I have spun in the past couple of weeks!
It's time I had a little self restraint, a little common sense and use up what I have before I go on a bender and buy up everything I see and touch. So with that said, I am not going to buy fiber for one whole month. Baby steps, if I try to go for more then a month I might lose it in the middle of month 2 and buy my weight in fiber (that's a lot of fiber!, even if I were skinny it'd be a lot).

But on the bright side, I will still be spinning all the stuff I have, and that's quite a bit. And I have some ambitious projects to start in week...eeeks.
Look a FO!! I like this shawl it's wider rather than longer so it wraps nicely and I can also use it as a scarf. Perfect for the autumn season, especially since it's been getting much cooler out lately - I'm loving the crisp air, and the fact I don't need to use the AC anymore.

Hopefully on monday I'll have lots of new stuff to show and tell. Off to finish my work so I can get out of here on time today.