Thursday, September 22, 2005

My oh my - this is a problem

Ok first off here are my latest yarns:

Boysenberry - This one was spun stright from the lock - how fun! It is so textured, fuzzy and fluffy. The Romney locks were dyed then spun up.

Summer's End Stripe
Summer's End Stripe - E (my partner in life and crime) loves this one. It's a self striping yarn with some of my favorite colors thrown in, lilac, teal, sea green, and pinkish red.

I love self striping yarns then I don't have to weave in those pesky ends.

Although I am known to tie ends together when I join and then just snip those bad boys off...yes yes sacrilege...whatever, I'm LAZY! I never said I was a good knitter, I love my scarves, shawls, hats and funky bags and totes. I haven't ventured too far away from those. I hate patterns.....ok I only hate them cause I don't like being told what to do, and I always screw something up. Not to mention I recently found out I knit all weird like. I twist my stitches something awful, this is what I get when I am too pigheaded to get someone to teach me - all I need is yarn, needles and a book (hey it got me this far). I also taught myself how to spin, make beaded jewelry, solder umm almost anyting I've ever done I've taught myself with the help of

Back to the knitting, I've reread the books and figured out what I am doing wrong, and now I can actually follow a stitch pattern and it looks like the pics...yippie. Now it's time to start making socks!!! I will do it one day - just not today.

Today I got in fibery goodies! Wanna see??? Of course you do!

Fibery goodness

Lets see I have 1 lb of 18 micron Merino, 1 lb of Falkland wool, 1/2 lb of South African wool, 1/2 lf of dark BFL, 1/2 pound of lambswool and Angora, and one pound of cheap mystery wool.

Some people need coffee in the morning and all I need is pounds upon pounds of fiber!