Friday, September 23, 2005

Introductions are in order

Now for the prerequisite kitty pictures -

This is my sweet girl Gina, she is 3 or 4, she followed us home on valentines day last year. When I say followed us home I mean literally, we fed her and pet her and she just walked with us into the building and up the stairs into the apartment! And a few weeks later, she had 2 cute kittens, we had grandchildren! We found homes for the boys but she stayed with us.

And this svelt sweetie is Guidy, she came along with E, and I love this grumpy chick. She growls just like a dog, I love it! she's 9 and calls the home her guidocracy - and she rules with an iron fist, Gina and both her humans must do her bidding at all is law and we obey (yeah yeah we are suckers)

Now, don't be scared of the clutter, this is the craft room. It is my city luxury to have a 2 bedroom apartment and one of those rooms be entirely for crafting.

Ok not entirely the whole room, the other wall is lined with about 5 ikea bookshelves (what can I say I'm a book whore as well). See the fiber piled up high, isn't that a lovely sight? Some people without the fiber gene (E) don't think so - I get yelled at all the time for buying too much "stuff".

That's my louet - GOOCH - in the forefront, she's a good girl and is frequently transported to the livingroom so I can spin and mindlessly watch TV at the same time. I have lots of fabric for quilts, the pink one you can see is almost finished, it's a little one for my niece. And I have beads galore, E and I have a jewelry business and all the mess is becasue we are preparing for a show on saturday. Here is a close-up of the bead storage and some jewelry on the desk.

I think I better get back to work - yes I am doing this all from my lovely bosses are suckers too!