Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Ok, The Multidirectional scarf is on it's way, here is my progress so far:

Notice the office phone and the sickly grey of the cubicle desk? Yes I'm at work, but I just had to take a pic of the scarf, my boss stepped out and I was able to snap it fast. Good thing I work in a small firm.

I'm having fun with this scarf, it's really going fast and I love the triangles. I'm going to have to knit it up again with some of my self striping yarn!

As for other projects, my weeknights (the only time I really use for serious crafting) are going to start getting really busy soon, with the Opera rehearsals starting, making it to my voice lesson once a week, and not to mention learning all the music! but I think I can get in a a night of dyeing in at the end of this week. I have pretty much spun up all the dyed Romney, and am craving some cuddly softness. I think I'll shoot for maybe 3-4 pounds of soft stuff, that should keep me busy for a little while. Some Merino, Falkland, and BFL....ohh I can't wait!

For some reason can't bring myself to spin undyed fiber - anyone else have this problem? It bores me to tears! I ALWAYS have to dye the rovings first.

I'm on the hunt for a simple sweater to knit, I need a beginner sweater to work on for a long term project. If you know of any good, EASY, sweaters let me know! This is going to be a learning experience...I feel like such a big girl actually knitting a real garment. I've sewn stuff to wear, but that's much easier than knitting one, just slap some fabric on the body pin in desired places and sew - oh I'm not much on patterns and such, probably because I hate measuring. If my end product is lopsided I tell everyone it was a design element!