Monday, October 03, 2005

Got Silk?

Well I do! Here is the final product of the silk singles I plied last week:

Water Lilies is a sport weight 2-ply of Hand dyed Tussah silk. Before spinning this up I didn't realize how much I liked spinning silk. The fibers are so long that I can spin a really fine single, although this is not as fine as I can spin it, I wanted the two ply to have a little more body to it. I have a whole pound of silk left so I think I'll take some out tonight and dye it along with about 3 pounds of other soft fibers.

For the time being I'm tired of the Romney and Coopworth. They are fun and if you spin the romney just right it's actually pretty soft, especially as a single. But Nothing beats merino for softness.

I'm searching out color combinations for this dye batch so I can stay away from my usual rainbow and purple green mix. Maybe some more autumnal colors, reds, oranges and and olives. Or maybe more solid colors this time instead of the handpainted look. Any Suggestions? I have a color theory book, but I guess I can be a little timid about my color choices, I tend to be too "safe". This time I'm going to mix the dyes and squirt them on randomly and see how it comes out....and if it sucks I can always overdye it later.

Here is a closeup of the above yarn: