Friday, January 20, 2006

Fiber Friday

First - YARN SHOP UPDATE!!!! go check it out!

Now for the Yarn P*rn

To the right you see the yarn shop update and your the left you see the yarn headed for The Point

This is one giant cake of yarn it's the same type of yarn I used for the Jaywalkers but this time dyed with Lavender, hot pink and brown - I am diggin this color combo. I haven't weighed it but I think it's about 6 ounces! I can probably knit 2 pairs of short socks with this much yarn. It's not up for sale because I think it's alittle too pilly - and I don't mind it for myself but I want what I sell to be of the best quality.

Speaking of quality I've been searching for new sock yarns here is a superwash dyed in a rainbow of colors:

this is an 8 oz skein that I have not yet reskeined. Most likely I'll knit myself some socks with it and see how I like it. Already it has a lot going for it - it's superwash so it won't felt and it's spun tightly very much like KPPPM and it takes dye really well - I've got very vibrant colors. The only problem I can see is that it looks a little fine - like it might need to me knit on 0's but 1's might do and it's fairly expensive. I'll keep looking!

Ohh I finished my toe up dublin bay inspired sock yesterday - a personal best it only took me a week to get this one done.

The colors came out nice it reminds me of trekking. There is another lace panel on the back - I think full stockings with only the lace up the back would look oh so sexy, warm, but sexy especially in black! I digress, I haven't yet cast on for the second sock but I will tongiht.

I'm also going to get help tonight with the cast on for the Flower Basket Shawl...I'm excited. I'll have the sock for my train knitting and the shawl for home knitting.