Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yesterday was...

My Birthday! And can you guess what I did? Did I go dancing? - nope, have a romantic dinner with E? - nope, spend time with my family? - nope....I'll tell you - I was home sick! Actually both E and were home sick...we were like two beached whales on the couch all day. We both had fevers and took the day off of work. Good thing we had Netflix movies to keep us in our close to comatose state. We watched Flight Plan and The Island, both of which were better than I had expected. So with all this laying around you'd think I got some knitting done...again nope. I just didn't feel like picking up the needles. I pre-drafted some fiber for future spinning but no knitting progress whatso ever! I don't even have any good pictures to show you but since I feel like blogs are so much better with pictures I have to show you something...

This is Gary the baby of the family he is the most cute when he is sleeping cause he can't get into trouble!

He loves to help me rewind yarn!

And a Meme I was taggted for by Natasha and Sylv

Four jobs you have had in your life:

1. Insurance clerk at an eye surgery center - terribly boring but I worked with a funny bunch of ladies so it wasn't too bad.
2. Law clerk - basic filing and copying crap while I was in HS this was my first job I got lucky and as a kid dind't have to go the fast food route.
3. Legal Assistant - part time all through college - 3 full days a week and the other two days in class from 8-6:30 can you tell I dind't do much partying in college
4. Paralegal - I've been here 8 years...oh yeah 8 years...started in college and have been here ever since

Four (random) movies you
could watch over and over:

1. The Fifth Element - gotta love the Divas song.
2. The Sting - the best con artist movie ever
3. The Goonies - if it's on I must watch it...boobie trap...ahhhhh
4. Any cheesy 80's Brat pack movie - they are so terrible they are great!

Four places you have lived:

1. Born in the Bronx
2. Moved to CA from 2-4 yrs. - lived in El Cajon, Escondido, Julian, Oceanside
3. Back to the Bronx
4. Last year made the move to Brooklyn - I felt like a traitor to the Bronx...the whole Bronx / Brooklyn rivalry thing...I'm over it..I swear!

Four TV shows you love to watch:

1. LOST - boy how I look forward to that show although I wasn't too thrilled with last nights episode - I hope they come back to it cause it seemed to be a total waste of time
2. L-Word - although this season for me has gotten off to a show start - too much whining not enough action!
3. House - don't you just love the totally bizaare diseases and disorders they come up with?
4. Good Eats on the food network - Alton Brown rocks!

Four places you have been
on vacation:

1. Italy - 3 years in a row - a week in Florence, Rome, then Venice - in that order.
2. Prague - What an amazing city so pretty
3. Cancun - oh I've been there like 4 times and I never get tired of the beach
4. Spain - Barcelona and Madrid - I went in HS with my Chorus we spent almost 2 weeks touring and singing there so amazing - my first trip away from my parents and firs titme out of the country.

Four websites you visit daily:

1. Bloglines - it's and addiction
2. Google - for gmail and also for the random things I look up and research everyday - what did I do before Google???
3. Yahoo Instant messenger
4. Hotmail for the other email account which is very unreliable...but still must be read

Four of your favourite foods:

1. CHOCOLATE in all it's incarnations
2. Guacamole - oh how I love thee and thou green lusciousness atop a tortilla chip
3. Baked Ziti - my staple party meal (some of you will get to taste this on Sat!)
4. Ice Cream - Ohh Coldstone Ice cream - if you haven't had it go and find one - heaven I tell you

Four places you would rather
be right now:

1. On vacation - the next one is going to be Amsterdam but I have to wait till May for that
2. Home sleeping
3. Shopping for yarn and fiber - although I do that often enough online
4. Basically anyplace other than work

Four Boggers youa re tagging....

consider yourself tagged if you haven't been tagged already for this Meme!