Friday, January 13, 2006

Just a quick update

My Jaywalkers are done!!! Finally! I don't have a pic now but I'll update this post as soon as I can. I don't know why they took so long but I relly love them and will most likely start another pair soon.

I've also been trying out the magic loop technique and I think I've got it down. I started a toe up sock yesterday and so far so good.

I did a figure 8 cast on which I didn't find too bad (I was way too lazy to do any provisional cast on). I increased every round cause I'm impatient and I have squareish toes so it's perfect. I got a little laddering before I realized I needed to have the cable in more of a figure eight so I can get a tight join. Now I'm fretting over the heel...I have no pattern that I'm following since it's a simple stockinette sock but I'm going to have to find something to figure the heel out. Once I get passed the heel I'm going to see what kind of lacy stitch would look nice and work with the number of stitches I have - 72.

Yesterday I was supervising a funiture move for my office and I basically sat knitting for a few hours - that's my idea of a cool job! but I also took a few pics - I love the city...