Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year - a little late

Happy New Year everyone, I wanted to thank all of my new blogging friends, those who I've met in person, the Spiders and Stephanie, and those whom I've had the pleasure of chatting with online. You've made my online experience wonderful with all of your comments, suggestions and inspiration.

It's amazing how much better my Knitting and spinning has gotten since I've been blogging. I think that having to come up with stuff to post has really gotten me to finish projects and begin projects with more difficulty - I mean before the blog I had only dyed with kool aid and knit scarves and simple garter shawls! Now I've got a professional dyeing set up, and have a hold on knitting socks!

Before I get to my goals for 2006 knitting and spinning wise I've got some freshly dyed fiber to show.

These rovings are going to be spun and then sent off to the point next week hopefully I'll get 10 skeins spun - 2 of each color - by next week. I think I can do it...maybe even by friday!

I've also been inspired by Julie to get more organized and this is my first step.

I've put most of my roving and some of my yarn in bins. I've used my trusty p-touch labler to label all of them - I've got colored roving, (which might be going on ebay soon - this was before I started to dye my own) Natural roving, Natural dyeing yarn, Odds and Ends Yarn (those pesky bits that are too much to throw out but too little for a whole project), and some uncarded fiber and few pounds of mohair curls. I have 4 or 5 more bins, slightly smaller, of yarn which I'll have to organize. And as you can see in this picture my "little" library needs serious organizing as well. I'll be having fun with my little labler...hehee.

So my knitting goals of 2006 are:

1) Knit something lace - I've got the FB shawl all ready to go I'm just going to have to have Veronique and Virginia help me along and answer all my obvious and anoying questions...sorry girls but I have a feeling I'm going to be as dumb as a doorbell with this one.

2) Learn to cable - most likely I'll incorporate a single cable on a sock at first but who knows I might just end up going cable crazy.

3) Knit a sweater or some other sweater like garment - I'm thinking of the hourglass sweater it doesn't look very scary and it might actually look nice on me!

4) The Clapotis which everyone in blogland has already knit except for me.

5) Spin sock yarn that I am happy with...I'm working on this already...you'll see soon.

6) much much more...that I can't think of right now ...oh yeah knitting up the stash - like that is going to happen - yeah right!