Saturday, January 07, 2006

Stash of Shame

Now for the contents of those yarn bins - I figure maybe I can shame myself into stashbusting - I've got a few projects in mind but who knows when I am going to find time to bust this stuff. Not to mention that I know I have very little self control when it comes to buying yarn so it'll keep growing no matter what I do - although now I have much better taste hehee.

without further ado here it is...

My most recent purchases - regia self stripe sock yarn, Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn and misti alpaca lace (for my Flower Basket Shawl.

Some fun stuff - 4 skeins of art yarns ballet, karabella gossamer, glitz, matrix, pixel and a black and glittery KSH.

My eyelash stash (I know you all have some) from my scarf selling days - I swear eyelash was all people wanted! I'll proably spin these into my own yarn for a funky effect. 10 Skeins of Recycled sari silk - I plan to make the bias bag from knitty with these.

My stash of GGH aspen - why do I have so many you ask?? because it was on super sale who could pass up $2 a ball???? certainly not I. I think I'l make some hats and arm warmers in funky stitch patterns - they should show nicely with this yarn.

Acrylic - got some lions brandhomespun, some martha stewart from walmart (I was going to make an afghan but it'll take too long!)

More Acrylic

all of my mohairy stuff - again from scarf knitting days.

Let see here I have Karabella souffle which is discontinued although I think I have enough for a light sweater about 10 balls
(not all in the pic) or maybe a short sleeve one, umm 4 balls of aurora 8, 20 balls of merino sock yarn from ebay, Lambs pride bulky, wool ease T&Q, Patons upcountry, and some no named wool - well at one point it had a name but I lost the tags, and some dale freestyle.

So there is what the hell do I do with it? I'm thinking that I will start Christmas knitting now lots of hats and scarves!