Monday, October 17, 2005

And The Winner is...

Without Further Ado here are the contestants of last weeks spinning pageant (or my week of obsessive spinning):

(picture a spotlight on each yarn and an overzealous emcee) Let me introduce you to Ice Princess she is composed of a lovely soft and bouncy Falkland wool and two strands of shimmer - a multi-colored one and a silver one - she is bulky and beautiful. She has been dyed in shades of lavender, soft mauve and icy grey.

The next contestant is dusk of winter A 3-ply yarn of a commercially spun merino and silk blend, a bit of silver sparkle, and an extremely soft 18 micron merino. This blue baby is spun thick and thin and is a very bulky but sexy Sweetie.

Number three has to be Dazed and Confused She might be a little wacky but I sure love her. 100% South African Fine Wool so soft and huggable. She will wear well next to the skin - heh heh heh if you know what I mean!

This lovely is Wild Child and she is something else! She is smooth as butter with her 18 Micron Merino Wild thick and thin super bulky and her commercially spun black wool boucle. She will knit fast and you will love it.

Last but not least is Tangerine Dream she is tropical heat on a cold autumn night. This hot mama is one-ply Falkland wool, one-ply commercially spun cotton, and one-ply copper sparkle - that's 3-plies of fun fun fun.

I promise you all this is not a beauty contest, it's not all about looks and sex appeal, I swear they have all won a scholarship to a fine university - They are all extremely smart and talented but, nonetheless, wanted to bare all for the world to see and appreciate their "talent". ok - Stop - Cut - I'd better stop while I'm ahead cause I could go into how degrading and sexist it is to have pageants and Ms. Universe and stuff like that but that's for a different blog! This is what I get when I watch a documentary about children and pageants and in the same weekend Ms. Congeniality.