Monday, October 10, 2005

Stuck here at work!

While many people are off today, having fun, relaxing at home...or SPINNING, I unfortunately have to be here at work bored out of my mind. Then again, I'm not a fan of Columbus or his flock...murdering inncocent natives is just not my bag baby. Although in true selfish fashion, I would have enjoyed the day off. It's not too bad though, my bosses are both out of town and I get to do a little clandestine knitting. Fun fun fun.

I'd like to introduce the newest member of our family - GARY. Why is it so hard to get a picture with their eyes open??

He is my sister's cat, well I'm not sure if she is going to get him back because he is so friggin cute and sweet. My mother moved to a new apartment which is not cat friendly (those bastards!) so he has come to live with me. We are up to 3 cats and last night we almost took another in, but she looked like she belonged to someone, she had a collar, and was only out for a stroll. Personally, I would never let my cats out, I'd be too afraid they wouldn't make it back, and the streets of New York are no place for a kitty.

I got very little done this weekend due to an all day rehearsal on Sat. and only a couple of hours of down time on Sunday. Here is my pitiful little bit of spinning:

Once I am done with the second backround bobbin I'll be plying them together for a purply/blue skein, actually it'll probably be 2 skeins of bulky merino. I'm hoping to get about 250-300 yards out of this. I'm sure I'll have the result for tomorrow's post. In addition I quickly knit up some rainbow striping handspun - This yarn is a little too course to be a scarf so I am going to make it a strap for a purse I've yet to sew up. I'll be felting this in each wash till it has shrunk to an acceptable strap length. I'll design the purse around it.

I've also finished the multidirectional scarf Ok I finished this a while ago but I finally took a picture of it today...lazy lazy me.
I think today at lunch I'll head over to school products and see if there are any good deals. If I have time maybe I'll post my hell with the yarn and fiber diet!!!