Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A little spinning

ok, so knitting has really gotten in the way of my spinning lately - I fear I am already quite addicted to knitting socks. I know I'm not even finished with the second sock of the pair, but I am already thinking of my next pair and what type of yarn to use. I Think I will actually be spinning my sock yarn because damn...sock yarn can be expensive! I'm trying to figure out if I should spin a nice weight single yarn and knit from there or ply two fine singles? I'll have to try both and see what I like the best.

So here is my meager spinning as of late - this skein is green romney spun from the lock and plied with green silk.

it's 72 yards. I like that it's nice and fuzzy but has some sheen from the silk. I'm not sure what to do with it though, I think I'll make something for my sister with it...any ideas?

Here is a little of the silk spun and plied

I love the way the colors combined in this yarn! this is blue and green silk plied, I was going to make a blue-blue and a green-green, but I really like this one so I'll probably spin the rest like this as well.

Note to self - when dyeing silk make sure to spread out the fiber more and apply the dye liberally! When I split the blue silk, in order to draft it before spinning, the inside was very white. Silk takes up dye so well that you have to make sure you saturate it and get every inch of fiber you want dyed. I had added a lot of dye to this, but it appears the outside layer sucked it all up! I still have about 8 oz left so I'll be sure to remember that on my next dye day.

Speaking of dye days, I really need to have one. I have pretty much run out of my hand dyed fiber to spin and I can't bare to spin up anything white, it's just so boring. I might have some pink/peach merino from the last time, but I am so not in a pink mood...but deperation might break that. Once I get my order from Copper Moose I'll set up and dye like 5 pounds of stuff to keep me busy - some alpaca, silk, 80's merino...ohhh I can't wait! If any of you Spiders would like to come and join in let me know and I'll see when I can set up a dye day.

In the meantime I went to knit-away this weekend and picked up the softest yarn - Debbie Bliss baby alpaca...OMG I love this stuff check out the colors.

Actually E picked the yarn and the colors. I am going to try and teach her how to knit...again. Maybe this time she'll get past the casting on process!