Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yarn P*rn Baby...

First off let me show you my goodies I picked up at School Products - I love that store, they have cones and cones of stuff with great prices and you wanna know the best part, it's only 4 blocks from my job! I got 3 metallic yarn cones, a multi-color, silver, and copper, I also scored a cone of black boucle wool, and about 2 pounds of a light pick cotton, sport weight, which I will dye lots of fun colors...check 'em out:

Once I got these babies home I promptly started working on plying the spinning from yesterday into this:

Lilac Crush 140 yards of Merino loveliness. I also added a little glam and came up with this:

Click on it to see a larger version where the sparkle is more evident. In person it comes across much better! I swear they are not the same hank! This one is Lilac Crush Sparkle and it's 110 yards squishy merino.

Ok not excited yet? well This puppy I am super happy with it is called Glam Rock I have one skein of 88 yards and a mini one of 25, I'll put them up together. Ohh I really like this yarn:

It is a soft squishy 18 micron merino spun bulky thick and thin and plied with the above black wool boucle and multi-color metallic yarn. It really sparkles up close, I wish I could get a decent picture of the shine..bah.

Well how'd you like that huh? what not enough color for you? ok, ok, here are a few picks of other stuff I've done, although it's not yarn first up is my latest quilt top:

and this is a painting I did for our living room:

hmm do you see a pattern emerging? does it look like a rainbow? ok yes I have a problem...I love all the colors and I have a hard time choosing just one or a couple, I end up going for the full spectrum (and no it's not some LGBT statement, I swear...really) I'm going to have to work on this...