Thursday, October 06, 2005

Busy busy girl...

Although I had two days off from work, I kept busy. On monday I went a little crazy dyeing up about 3-4 pounds of fiber, mostly wool and a bit of silk. This time ALL the wool is buttery soft, last time I dyed, it was mostly romney (which is nice, but it's not merino!) I tried to vary the colors but nothing ever comes out like I expect. I was dissapointed with a couple, the colors weren't as vibrant as I had hoped, and pleasently suprized with some others. Take a looksie:

isn't it just beautiful??? I swear sometimes I just want to cover my bed in this stuff and fall wonder I get along with kitties so well!

Here's a shot of the dyeing process, my not those buns...these

I get the best results when I do it this way, the colors are very vibrant. I basically lay out the plastic wrap, arrange the already soaked fiber on the plastic wrap and then squeeze out pre-mixed colors onto it, roll it up one way then the other (width then length) and zap it in microwave for 3 min, let rest and repeat with the bun flipped over. I can only do so many of the buns before I go crazy so after a while I do it the lazy way and I throw dye and fiber into a baggie and then nuke it a few times. As for the silk, it's still hanging in the bathroom drying - I love the way silk takes up the dye.

So on Tuesday I couldn't do much spinning since everything was still drying, but I did manage some.

This is the roving I had laid out the other day in a rainbow, of course. I decided to make it a slightly thick and thin striping yarn. I purposefully felted it a bit, and I'm not sure I am happy with the results, so I won't be putting this up in the store I'll probably make a loose knit scarf or something, we'll see.

Since everyone seems to be talking about the loop-d-loop book I decided to order it and see what the big deal is. Hopefully I'll have it in a few days and I'll let you know what I think.