Friday, October 07, 2005

Fiber Friday!

I don't have too much to show for fiber friday, I was only able to spin up one skein last night but I am in love with it, it's called Jungle Tour and it's 18 micron merino...oh my this is so nice and soft.

I am really pleased with the way the colors came out, for once it's exactly what I wanted. I spun the entire top and then plied it back on itself for the random color feel. And did I mention it's so soft? I'd probably knit this up on large needles since it is pretty bulky. I also spun up this lovely little skein:

It's 50/50 Lambswool and Angors, I spun it then I dyed it I think I'll call it Swamp Thing (the bright blue ties are not part of the yarn.) I'm not sure if I like it or not, it's pretty soft but it sheds like a MoFo! It's single ply and I felted it cause I thought that it might shed less, but it's still shedding! I'm not sure what to do with it, I don't know if I want it in the shop maybe I'll put a low price on it and a buyers beware! I'll think about it.

Natasha got a drum carder and I am super jealous! I think I'll Start a little savings for it, not that I can even afford that being that my voice lessons are so expensive! but these are all things I love and even if it means living paycheck to paycheck, it makes me happy.

I'll never understand people who work like dogs and save all their money and never do anything with it, or if they do anything it's when they are 60! No offence to any 60 year olds, but I'd like to enjoy my life for the duration not the last 1/3 (yes I am being presumptuous in thinking I'll live till 90...but you never know!). As it is, I am stuck here in my 9-5, when all I want to do is make stuff all day long, with fiber, with beads, with wood with paint, or sing opera around the world! If I can do that and still eat and afford an apartment, I would be oh so happy.

I could quit my job and try and scrape by on small parts in productions, and selling my wares, but being someone who grew up very poor, and sometimes ate peas for a whole week cause that was all we had and couldn't afford anything else, being unemployed is not something I am ready to deal with. I need the stability of a paycheck, I need to know that if I run out of money this week, I'll have more next week. Maybe one day I'll have the ovaries to pursue my dream in full force, but for the time being I'll be bored here at work and look forward to all my activities outside of the 9-5 realm.

Thank goodness for this blog, and all you wonderful bloggers out there, it really keeps me focused on my arts and keeps me from banging my head against the desk here at work. And of course thank goodness for E...she rocks!