Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm getting there...

Before I get to "the sock saga" I want to give a shoutout to all you Spiders. I had a great time on friday with Lisa, Virginia, and Veronique these girls rock, and I'm so inspired by their knitting skills! I arrived a bit late this time but next time I'll be sure to get there early so I can meet the rest of you, I can't wait! I see some fun times in the future.

So back to the knitting folly. As friday's post revealed, I had cast on for my simple sock, and it was going well until I realized I'd have to be a 300 pound man with size 14 feet for this sock to fit me, so while at The Point with the Spiders I, and the other girls realized this was just not going in the right direction and I frogged the entire sock and cast on again, this time with fewer stitches. That night and the next morning while knitting away I decided hmm, this is looking a little small I wonder if it'll fit? So I stretched and pulled the sock onto my feet, and well the top of the sock fit wonderfully...on my ankle! Too bad this sock is supposed to go up to the calf. Regrettably, I had to rip out again and cast on a few more stitches. Third time is a charm - I feel like goldilocks - it's too big, then it's too small and now it's just right! check it out -

I think with some dedicated knitting tonight I'll have it done and then be able to cast on for the second sock lest I wait and never do it. I had a little difficulty with the heal turn and gusset but I finally got it and I think it turned out rather well.

I've been a bit caught up in knitting lately but once the first sock is done and I'm cast on for the second I'm going to take time out and spin up some of that silk. I think I am going to purchase some alpaca to dye also because while at The Point I was shown some serious fiber crack by Lisa, it was a silk alpaca blend spun very fine and it was so wonderfully soft. I am going to try and reproduce it to the best of my ability, it'll be a challenge to spin that fine but I think I can do it...we'll see.

Does't Gary look like a mouse?