Friday, October 21, 2005


I have finally done it! I cast on for my first pair of socks I love the colors and I'm actually not having much of a problem with the DPN's take a look

Now the only problem I see so far is the sock seems WAY too large, I think it's casue this sock yarn is a little larger than most it uses size 4 needles. This sucks! Either keep going and see how it goes or rip it out and start over with a modified pattern...argh I hate these decisions. Most likely I'll rip it out and knit it with fewer stitches...stop by on monday to see the progress.

Here is a little silk I dyed recently - this is what it looks like dry

and this is what it looks like with a little predrafting, nice and fluffy. From crunchy to fluffy I love it. I've also got this wonderful green color .
I'll probably make three skeins, when plied it'll be green-green, blue-blue, and blue-green.

So since I've seen so many people doing this meme I had to join in: Google and type in “your name needs” then show the first 10 things you’ve discovered you need...Here goes:

Marie needs to give her hectic life a shot in the arm - hell yeah
Marie needs the smallest number of servings from each food group - dude I know I need to lose a little weight...ok maybe a lot of weight but a girl needs to eat.
Marie needs to smile more - yeah I guess so
Marie needs to wait until she next sees me and borrow mine, or get her own copy - hmm does this give me license to buy more craft books?
Marie needs her perfect job - you can say that again
the first thing Marie needs is a complete psychiatric evaluation,
followed by ongoing psychotherapy and possibly, medication - No Comment ;)
Marie needs to ensure it has a strong marketing plan and adequate facilities and services to provide a positive experience for visitors - umm I dunno
Marie needs and wants stability in this area of her life yet she doesn't appear to be able to get it
Marie needs more spins - this one is my favorite!!
Marie needs to get a new hobby - another hobby come on I can't afford another hobby!